Sensormatic® Standalone®

Sensormatic® Ultra•Max® Stand-Alone® Dual Aisle Security Gate System. Sensormatic® Stand-Alone® is the original Ultra•Max® system. They are designed to accommodate a 6 foot double doorway exit. (approximately 72") It can be tuned to a specific door width not to exceed six feet. This type of system is ideal for retailers who already have merchandise tagged with UltraMax® type tags or labels, or who may currently be using one of these systems. The system can operate in a single, dual, or multiple pedestal configuration depending on the coverage area and the needs of the retailer. They must be professionally installed by an authorized installer. Check before you purchase, because this type of system is not a plug and play type system. Also keep in mind that the tuning environment may be different at each location. So tuning will vary at each location. Some advantages of using this type of system over a RF (radio frequency) type system is wider coverage area, and  tagging metallic type merchandise such as cigarette, cd's, dvr's which have a metallic presence, for at hardware stores which tag various metallic tools, etc. Sensormatic®  DR or LE adhesive labels can be used for tagging many types of hard good merchandise. System includes Two Pedestals (one transmitter and one receiver), and a power supply. Various deactivator pads are available, new and pre-owned. Installation is not included. Professionally Refurbished with a 90 day warranty.



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