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Two popular selling REfurbished Retail Loss Prevention Systems

The UltraPost and Standalone Systems, plus  tags and accessories. As seen from left to right *Sensormatic® Double Checker with Magnetic Deactivation Strip, used to deactivate any 58Khz Label.when carried over * Sensormatic® Standalone two Pedestal System (one transmitter and one receiver), *Sensormatic® Ultrapost System which can be used in a single, dual, or multi-aisle pedestal configuration. *Clothing Tag with Pin, and  a Manual Hand Detacher, Power detachers are also available *Sensormatic DR Adhesive Labels, *Sensormatic® Rapid Pad  with power supply, (picture below) is a Scan Through Deactivator which sits vertically to deactivate any DR label. All systems have been professionally refurbished and should be  professionally installed. Buy any item or the complete package. Choose as many items as you need. System Installation is not included and may not be available in all areas.  These systems are designed for wide aisle exits (6 feet) and even wider aisles using additional pedestals. Add as many additional pedestals as needed.  Specifications: Height: 61 1/2" Width: 17 3/4"  Approx. Weight: 27lbs.


Sensormatic Double Checker with Deactivator Pad
Refurbished Sensormatic®

Double Checker

with a new or pre-owned


Deactivator Strip

standas.jpg (2425 bytes)


Stand Alone System

ultrap1s.jpg (3552 bytes)



Hard Tag/Pin


Manual Hand Detacher


LE Ultrastrip 58Khz Adhesive Labels


DR Narrow Labels

not shown

pwr_detach2.jpg (13642 bytes)

Sensormatic Power Detachers


Rapid Pad II®

scanthru.jpg (16257 bytes)

Sensormatic® Scanthru Deactivator



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