Sensormatic ProMax retail loss prevention systems are designed and proven to deter theft at any double doorway retail exit - affordable refurbished systems for less


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As seen above left to right is the ProMax I, II, III and Euro Pro-Max anti-theft detection systems which are designed and proven to deter theft at most double doorway and other wide aisle exits. Coverage protection using Two pedestals is approximately 6-8 feet using a patented Acousto-Magnetic technology. These pedestals should not be places more than 8 feet apart, however two-pedestals will protect and cover up to 16 feet depending on the tag used. On average you will get (6-8) feet of center aisle coverage between the two-pedestals and up to four (4) feet coverage on exterior side of each pedestal (for a total of approximately 14-16 feet) making the ProMax Line ideal for most wide-aisle, high traffic retail exits.

All Sensormatic Pro-Max Systems  must to be professionally installed by Sensormatic or a service provider in your area. Installation is not included. Refurbished systems come with a 90-Day Warranty. All systems are subject to availability at time of purchase. Power Supply Information. Euro ProMax System uses same power pack, etc. as the ProMax II, ProMax II System uses same power pack, etc. as the Euro Promax III. The ProMax System uses a different power pack than the ProMax II & Euro Promax. The Euro ProMax offers a new sleeker design with Plexiglas sides with the same high performance of the ProMax Line for retailers who require a system that not only looks great but offers outstanding performance at most wide aisle exits. A single Euro ProMax can be used to protect up to a 4 foot doorway exit, while two pedestals can cover up to 8 feet center aisle plus 4 feet on exterior side of pedestals for a total of 16 feet. Available in a single, dual, or multi-aisle pedestal configurations. Refurbished 90 day warranty.

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