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Find Three (3)  Popular selling retail loss prevention systems for your immediate consideration below.

 System No. 1 Hard goods system for protecting boxed merchandise from retail theft.

System No. 2 is ideal for protection of Soft Goods such as clothing, pants, sweaters etc.

System No. 3  is for retailers who sell both hard goods and soft goods.

These systems are designed for use at most single doorway exits and can protect a double-aisle exit by simply adding one additional pedestal. They can also accommodate multi-aisle exits by simply adding additional pedestals as well. These systems are name brand refurbished Checkpoint® Systems used by many national and local retailers throughout the country. These systems have been professionally reconditioned and are Guaranteed to meet or exceed the current industry standard. These system specials will provide you with an affordable solution for protecting your inventory from further loss.


Security Tag System for Affordable Retail Loss Prevention Concerns at most single aisle doorway exits.

Professionally refurbished retail loss prevention system protects your inventory from theft at a price you can afford.


Comes Std. in a Two-Pedestal Configuration for a single doorway exit.. Additional pedestals may be added for double doorway exits - additional charge.

This is a Limited Time Offer - Save on Top Quality Name Brand Systems and Accessories

Professionally Refurbished RF Systems that are Guaranteed to meet the current industry standards.

Free Technical Phone Support - During the warranty time period.

Full 1- Year Warranty on all new RF/ AM Loss Prevention Systems.

90 Day Warranty on all Refurbished RF/AM Loss Prevention Systems and Accessories. Extended warranties are also available.

Save on Name Brand Systems you can count on! Checkpoint® Sensormatic® and other top of the line systems and accessories.

Free pickup and delivery in the event of a technical problem during the warranty time period if warranted by a service technician.

Over 20 years in retail inventory loss protection equipment sales..

Monthly Specials are listed below!

(1) Hard Goods Special (boxed items)  Includes One Single Aisle 2- Pedestal (Professionally Reconditioned) Checkpoint® RF System which includes (1) New Single Aisle Base Mounting Plate (approximately 36" in length) designed for a single doorway exit for fast, easy, do-it-yourself installation (approximately 15-30 minutes) plus One (1) Refurbished Checkpoint® II Deactivation Pad and 2,000 - 1.5" x 1.5" Adhesive Paper Labels. Save - Now a low $1,595.00  / Free Delivery /USA-48 States

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(2) Soft Goods Special One Single Aisle Two (2) Pedestal Checkpoint® RF System (Professionally Reconditioned) with 1,000 Black Mini Hard Tags with Pins, One (1) New Single Aisle Base Mounting Plate for fast easy do-it-yourself installation and One (1) Universal Magnetic Chrome Tag Detacher.  Now a low $1,595.00 / Free Delivery / USA-48 States

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(3) Soft and Hard Goods Special Includes one (1) Single Aisle 2- Pedestal (Professionally Reconditioned) Checkpoint RF System, (1) New Single-Aisle Base Mounting Plate, 1000 - New 8.2 MHz Black Mini Hard Tags with Flathead Smooth/Grooved Pins, (1) Universal Magnetic Chrome Tag Detacher, 2,000 Adhesive Paper Labels, (1) Checkpoint® Label Deactivation Pad (Refurbished)  $1,995.00 + S&H

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Note: We realize that some customers may need a custom price quote due to the nature of their loss prevention request, so, after reviewing your inquiry we will be contacting you or sending you a separate price quote if necessary. BE SURE AND CLICK on the links below  to download an immediate off-line printable price quotation. We do carry many other new and refurbished systems as well. Plus find a large selection of accessories, tags, labels, detachers, etc., for most name brand systems. After printing the offline order-form you can complete it at your leisure and simply fax or mail in with your payment option. Most major credit cards are accepted.

The Checkpoint QS-2000 has proven itself to be an extremely popular and affordable loss prevention system for many years. It is an ideal system for most single and dual aisle exits, as well as for multi-aisle exits. Both audio and visual signals warn employees of the unauthorized removal of protected merchandise.  This is a very simple and dependable system that is used by both large and small retailers from coast to coast.

All RF Checkpoint® QS-2000/Quicksilver™ Article Surveillance Systems have been professionally reconditioned to meet or exceed the current industry standard. It is recommended that these systems be placed 24" to 36" away from any door frame or metallic object including sales counters, metal displays, etc. Note that metal in the floor and door frame can affect the systems performance and can vary from location to location. Always test the system before permanently bolting it to the floor. It is also recommended to use an isolated electrical wall outlet. Save on new and refurbished retail loss prevention systems for use at most single-aisle, dual aisle or even multi-aisle doorway exits. Both single aisle and dual aisle systems cover approximately three feet between the pedestals. Note: that a dual aisle  three-pedestal System should cover approximately six feet. For aisles wider than six feet an optional 4th, 5th, 6th, etc., pedestal can be added. These are referred to as multi-aisle configurations. Specifications:
Height: 64" (1.626m)
Weight: 15lbs. (6.8kg) per sensor
Width: 12" (.305m)
Materials: Chrome-plated steel with ABS thermoplastic base and crossover
Power: 110/220 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Color: Chrome/Charcoal


  • Many accessories are also available. Note - You can order as many additional tags, pins, detachers, paper labels, deactivation pads, etc., for an additional charge. Freight charges are additional - No COD's.
  •  Monthly Specials are subject to change without notice based on availability - Save Now!



  • We carry may different types of systems for just about every type of store configuration. If you are not sure which system is right for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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