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Portable Battery Powered Computerized Random-Search and Selection Tool will provides security screeners with a totally fair, unbiased and most importantly legally-safe method for selecting and screening people at most security checkpoints

Can also be used to select individuals for possible possession of narcotics, stolen merchandise, weapons and other illegal contraband. Ideal for use in any public facilities such as airports, schools, work place, business, courthouses, etc.

Can be used for many different security applications in both low to high pedestrian traffic areas.

Designed as a 'stand alone' self contained portable unit that is ready to go 'out of the box', simply set the desired percentage or "search' ratio", connect optional AC/DC adapter, or insert 3 x AA batteries, and it's ready to use. The unit can also be permanently mounted to a wall, table top or stand etc. Can also be connected to an optional sensor-mat for activation.

This unit is ideal in both low and high traffic areas or checkpoints by simply changing the percentage accordingly.

Model PRSU-3                  SEARCH /HIGH PITCH TONE           OK TO PASS / Short LOW PITCH TONE

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How it works:

Everyone passing through the control point pushes the large 2" button
A red light and high tone indicate that you have been selected for a "search" or closer inspection.
A green light and a low tone indicates that you have not been selected on this occasion and can "pass".
If you know there is a chance you could be stopped, you are much less likely to take the risk!


Battery (3 x 'AA') operation
Clear indication of SEARCH and PASS with daylight visible lights and audible tones
Portable or fixed installation.
Desk mount, wall mount or hand held
Large 2 inch pushbutton
Search percentage ratio adjustable by internal dip switches
Search settings from 0 to 100% in 0.5% increments.
Random selection is guaranteed to be totally unpredictable with the exception of settings 0 and 100%.
The setting is the odds of selection, i.e. at 20% there is a one in five chance of getting a red (search).

Battery Operation:
Battery (3 x 'AA') to operation
For reliable operation, change batteries once a year.
Estimated battery life 50,000+ operations, Standby life 2 years or more.

For Indoor Use Only:
Supply voltage 9-12 V DC or  3 "AA" Size Batteries - Keep unit dry at all times.


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