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Saves valuable time and eliminates bothersome bottlenecks while providing a totally unbiased method for randomly selecting people or vehicles check at any security check point


DC-12 Random Search Tool is available with optional Remote Push-Button, or Sensor Mat or various other activation triggers.  (Note: additional charge may apply)

The DC-12 Random Search Screening Tool is a pre-programmable push button device intended and specially designed to aid in the process of providing a totally non-discriminatory selection process for selection of  individuals at screening checkpoints, i.e. exits at a business, concerts, special events, or any place where there is a need to search or screen a lot of people for safety reasons, anti-theft reasons, and many other screening concerns. The question isn't who will we searched, it's who the Random Search Screening Tool will pick to be screened. You Save Time and do away with trying to decide who will be the next person to be searched? Donít open yourself up to a discrimination lawsuit, leave it up to the DC-12 Random Person Selector, and get the piece of mind your screeners  deserve. You will eliminate bottlenecks and can regulate the screening percentage with the press of of a button. Why not provide your personnel with a totally non-discriminatory method for  selecting  the people they screen. This systematic electronic screening system has proven itself extremely useful  for providing better traffic flow in high traffic areas throughout many busy facilities.

Locations for use include: Installation at employee exit points can dramatically protect your inventory from walking out the front door or at any checkpoint where you feel people  need to be screened. This unit can be used on a desktop or even wall mounted and is virtually ready to plug in and use with very little assembly needed. A Key Controlled programmable setting allows the user or screener to pre-select anywhere from (0 to 100%) of the traffic population to be randomly selected for screening. For example if 1000 people pass through a given checkpoint every day and you select 30 percent to be screened. The Random Search Screening Tool will automatically screen 300 out of the 1000 people randomly for a search  that pass through on foot. Based on the numbers passing through at any given exit or entrance, the user or screener can easily choose what  percentage of people to select for through screening.  This totally eliminates any possibility of discriminatory screening practices and saves companies valuable time and money by eliminating costly non productive bottlenecks in high traffic areas.  It is left up to the electronic Random Search Screening Tool (not an individual) to decide who will be screened. Screeners many times may choose someone based on ethnicity,  for example. Not with the DC-12 Random Person Selector.

The DC-12 Random Search Screening Tool is a Micro-Computer Based System with a Four (4) Digit, LED Read-outs.

The Random Selection is guaranteed to be totally non-discriminatory, and comes with a step on pressure sensitive mat that enables the unit to automatically decide for the screeners who to search. Thus, the screeners can spend more time screening and less time deciding who will be searched. Built in search and pass counters can reduce long lines and save time while providing the needed information to control traffic flows in high traffic areas. The Unit has an output jack plug which can be used to trigger a device such as a closed circuit television camera, which are available for an additional charge, visit our web sites home page for more CCTV information.

Technical Specifications:

Supply voltage -   12VDC or 9 VAC

Weight- 1.1kg or approx. 2.5 lbs.

Dimensions (L) 180mm (W) 138mm(H) 73mm

How the DC-12 Random  Selector works:

All walk by traffic will simply press a push button or step on a pressure sensitive pad  which will automatically activates the  Random Search Screening Tool, (just like pushing the button) within about  (10-15 feet from the selector unit), which will then indicate a pass or a search with the illumination of either a GREEN LIGHT or a RED LIGHT.  A red light accompanied by a high tone buzz indicates a search, while a green light with a low tone indicates it's ok to pass. The overall percentage of people to be selected can be adjusted from Zero (0-100%) percent. The selection is totally random and the odds of being selected are on a totally random basis. Unauthorized screeners can be totally unaware of the selectors settings so even if  0% is selected the unit will still have a crime deterrent value as far as the mind set goes of the passing traffic. Having to press the units button or walking over the activation mat will always maintain an awareness of your search policies. The search conducted should be as thorough as is necessary to determine that the person searched has no property in their possession or weapons in some cases. The system can be enhanced by using a CCTV system to over see and record the search procedures used. This will allow you to ensure that your search policy is adhered to at all times. No one can befriend your security personnel.


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