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Invest in the best portable desk-top electronic mail scanner available today, designed to detect the presence of specific unsafe metallic materials used in the construction of every known type of  letter bomb or small package. It will automatically find suspect items of mail while reliably ignoring office supplies such as paperclips and staples. Over 10,000 units used in government agencies, police departments, high security locations and corporate mailrooms, and private business. See also particle trace detectors.


bulletCompact and portable
bulletScreens parcels up 6cm (Approx. 2") thick or 15"x 2.5" inches
bulletFast and reliable
bulletAutomatic detection of suspect items triggers the alarm.
bulletBoth visual and audio alarms
bulletNo calibration. Simply plug in and use
bulletWon't damage magnetic media or camera film
bulletNo false alarms will automatically discriminate paper clips and staples, etc.
bulletNo ongoing maintenance

 Additional features

Integral backup battery (inside unit) for use where power supply is absent or lost. Automatic recharge.
Also Incorporates Back-up circuitry which can be switched on in the unlikely event of a unit malfunction. Back up circuitry with the press of a button (2 separate circuits for Double Protection...just in case)
All parts are modular and easy to replace.
No calibration required. Simply plug in and use.
Power Supply Switch able 110/220V +/- 15%, Single-phase 50/60 Hz
Stand by 12 V DC nominal Internal fused at 4.0A.
Battery High Duty Cycle, Sealed, Maintenance free, lead acid type. Fused at 2.0 amp
Stand by operation 3-5 hours (may vary)
Temperature 0 -30 C


420mm x 446mm x 228mm (unpacked) - 16.5" x 17.5" x 9 " (unpacked)

520mm x 550mm x 320mm (packed) - 20.5" x 21.5" x 12.5" (packed)

Weight  (24 lbs.) net,  (31lbs) packed.

Maximum Parcel Size 38cm (15") wide x 6cm (2.5") thick x unlimited length

Screening speed Approx. 10,000 items per hour. Contents of a mail sack can be scanned in approximately 3-5 minutes.

Note: Test Card is supplied with each unit should be reliably detected at throughput rates both higher and lower than normally deployed in the mail screening operation.

Non-target (paperclips/staples) Specimen non-target supplied with unit shall not be detected under normal mail screening conditions. Use of sensitivity plus function will reduce discrimination such that non-target may cause alarm rate of not greater than 3/10.

Magnetic media of scanner emits no radiation and will not damage camera film, magnetic tape, computer discs, CDs or videos.

This Mail Scanner is a multi-application, non-invasive scanner, which is widely used throughout prisons and correctional facilities, etc.

Applications include:

Screening of inmate mail
Screening of prison library books
Screening of hand carried visitor items
Screening of incoming mail (against mail bombs)
Screening of outgoing mail (loss prevention)
Will reliably find contraband such as:
Narcotics wrapped in aluminum foil
Handcuff keys
Razor blades
Knives, coins, and miscellaneous jewelry items

Hidden in:

Inmate mail and packages
Incoming books and small gift boxes
Library books
Hand carried visitor items

Mail Scanner  will detect:

bulletHandcuff keys exchanged or hidden in library books.
bulletWill detect razor blades hidden under stamps, in envelops, etc.
bulletWill detect all known-detonating mechanisms use in mail bombs.
bulletWill find aluminum wrapped narcotics in boxes or books.
bulletWill reliability discriminate against office supplies such as paperclips and staples

Get peace of mind...every time you open your mail


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