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Generate a healthy profit in high traffic areas like hotels, airports, schools with a sleek Wall / In Wall Mounted / or Stand-Alone  KIOSK'S specially designed for active people that want to web surf  or tcheck their email when away from home or office, etc.,plus telephone service in one neat aerodynamic enclosure.

Many colors to choose from!

Great Designs

Great Software

The current  Software provides URL filtering and logging of a users Web browsing. This application replaces the desktop of a Windows NT workstation and operates independently of any additional hardware or software.

Sleek equipment that promotes and provides restricted access to a companys web and telephone information services for a nominal charge to the user.

Pictured are three standard models. Custom models are available.

 Typical Applications Include:

  Trade Shows
  Corporate Offices
  Retail Stores

Features Include:

  Restricts a user from changing machine data
  Restricts a user from downloading files
  Restricts a user to browsing specified URL’s
  Provides SSL and non-SSL browsing time-outs
  Monitors keyboard, mouse and touch-screen activity
  Blocks web page links
  Audio and Video media player linked to keyboard, mouse and touch-screen activity
  Click logging - supports Browser Summary software
  Daily auto-email of browsing summary
  Other attractive colors available

Additional Support Options:

  Management Software – Supports database and remote configuration management of the installed software licenses.
  Web Browser Reporting Software – Summarizes the log files into meaningful management reports
  Management Software:
  Maintains installation configuration information
  Secure Email transmission of configuration files
  Provides remote reboot and remote system configuration inquiries

 Web Browser Reporting Software:

  Allows reporting on Browser activity and provides a log file of rejected and allowed URL’s
  Reports on Browser "Click" activity by site and installed base
  Windows 98 and NT compatible
  Export Function

Telephone Features:

  Telephone Directory image file maximizes on LCD upon handset removal and is remotely updated
  Restricted Auto and Speed Dialing Functions
  Remotely programmable via the optional Phone Checker Software
  Call-count feature
  ADA compliant
  1 – Integrated Cradle and MagSense Hook-Switch
  1 - Armored Cord Retractable Cable system
  1 - Chrome plated cast metal alphanumeric keypad

PC Options:

  Firewall Software
  Ethernet Network Adapter
  US Robotics 56K Internal Modem
  CCTV camera and digital recording/playback system
  Web Browser Management Software: Allows for Browser application updates and web site restriction updates
  12" or 15" Touch-screen
  Theater Sound System
  80 Column Thermal Printer with Gravity Feed Presenter

PC Features:

  15" Color LCD Monitor
  Vandal Resistant 90 key keyboard
  Windows NT Version 4.0 Workstation
  8 GB IDE Hard Drive and 64 MB RAM
  Vandal Resistant 2 ¼" trackball with one (1) button
  Key lock switch for manual reset of either external modem or PC
  Two (2) speakers mounted under surface of enclosure on either side of display

 Enclosure Features:

  Color and texture imbedded polyurethane construction.
  ¼" thick Aluminum substructure.
  Overall dimensions of browser with pedestal and illuminated display: 27" W x 23" D x 63" H
  Console key lock secured to pedestal

Enclosure Options:

  Desktop model
  In-Wall model
  Pedestal and Base for Desktop model
  Single or Dual Sided Illuminated Graphic Displays for all models
  Custom Configurations available

Telephone Testing, Reporting and Programming Option:

  The current Phone Checker Software uploads call count activity and performs periodic testing of The current telephones
  Telephone Programming is and available upgrade to Phone-Checker than supports individual and mass programming
  Windows Millenium compatible
  The current Remote Support Services:
  A Help Desk Center remotely monitors, tests, reports and configures all equipment. These services are available on a time & material or annual contract basis.


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