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 Explosives Detector - Detects over 40 different types of explosives with No False Positives

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Affordable Solution to high priced Explosive Detectors

Swab Test Kit


Test Kit

Cleaning Kit

AC Adaptor
AC Adaptor

carring case
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bulletDetect over 40 different types of explosives
bulletNo False Positives - Unlike some detectors which can be a real problem!
bulletHas No maintenance cost - Nothing to break
bulletIs fully functional in any environment
bulletNeeds no calibration -Unlike most convention portable or desktop models
bulletHas no downtime - Great Feature
bulletHand-Held Explosives Tester

Today there exists a worldwide diversity of needs for the detection of high explosives (HE) in emergency and non-emergency scenarios, environmental surveys, and where public concern is high. Explosives (which are chemicals) are prevalent, encompassing huge industrial and military applications, have also been the primary weapons of choice for terrorists and other clandestine activities.

For the military, explosives are a primary financial issue in demilitarization and environmental cleanup activities as a result of military downsizing and worldwide base closures and their conversion to commercial and private developers.

The extent of contamination of soils and waters due to ordinance testing ranges, open burn/open detonation of high explosives and other related energetic materials has become a serious environmental problem since, as there is no cost effective means to evaluate so much land explosive residues. Outside the continental U.S., e.g., in Germany alone there are hundreds of sites [1] that are contaminated and some of them represent a danger to humans where the explosives in soil exceed 100g/kg (10%).

Fast, Easy Detection Within Seconds unlike most convention portable units which require a cool down time between modes.

Test Unit detects over 40 explosives and related energetic decomposition products, i.e., nitro, nitrato, and nitramine- type explosives unlike current instrumentation or on-site capable devices. Other significant aspects are:

1 Simple to operate, hand held, rugged, fast, and very cost-effective.

2. Not delayed with the many interferences common to IMS determinations.

3. Inexpensive, and requiring no calibration, or expensive maintenance and training.

4. Is fully functional in virtually any terrestrial and or temperature environment unlike other convention makes.

5. Capable of analyzing numerous samples per day with extremely low nanogram detection limits without recalibration.

6. Not contaminating the surroundings with toxic sprays.

7. Being operated with AC or two DC power options included in the kit.

8. Having an extremely large dynamic detection range; from low nanogram levels to amounts that can be visually seen.

9. Having no solvent waste stream as with many other EPA methods.

         10. No transportation restrictions due to it's safe design.

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