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 The system is fully digital and offers you the latest technology which constantly checks the environment to eliminate annoying false alarms common in older technology systems. This Surveillance Systems works on a 58kHz frequency... which is compatible with all existing acousto-magnetic 58 kHz tags and labels. These systems are plug and play, for fast easy do-it-yourself installation. Avoid the high cost of annual maintenance agreements and installation forever!

Uses the popular 58 KHz Hard Tag and Adhesive Labels. 


Product Features

Self Adjusting Remote Tuner (Similar to a TV Remote)
Digital signal processing.
Self tuning electronics.
CE, FCC and UL Certified.
Simple to install -Installation is not included.
Built-in alarm.
Port for an external alarm.
Constructed of strong, light ABS Molding.
Detects all 58 kHz hard tags and labels.
Greater tag detection in all tag orientations, flat, vertical, horizontal, etc.
Greater detection range depending on system. (May vary from tag to tag or location to location)

This systems is software driven and will work in combination with any 58 kHz hard clothing tag or adhesive label. The systems receiver listens for the unique signal that the 58 kHz tag produces and the sequence produced is then verified and multiplied in a fraction of a second. When the presence of a 58kHz tag is identified the system will alarm. Eliminating false alarms altogether was the intent of the design. The systems can operate at a higher level of sensitivity resulting in an excellent detection rate of up to 4 feet on either side of the single pedestal tower or even wider using the two- pedestal system. With our Super Pen tag, detection range increases up to 6 feet on either side of the antenna. (Although distance may vary). Physical Specifications



Height 58"
Width 15.5"
Weight 22 lbs.
Power 110VAC 200-220VAC
Operating Frequency 58 kHz
Maximum Tag Detection 4 feet each side of pedestal
Shipping Specifications 7" x 19" x 60"
Approximate Weight -21 lbs.
Height 58"
Width 15.5"
Weight 22 lbs.
Power 110VAC 200-220VAC
Operating Frequency 58 kHz
Maximum Tag Detection 9 feet
Shipping Specifications 10.5" x 19" x 60"
Approximate Total Weight - 31 lbs.

Approximate Tag Detection Range Various Tags) (*Most Popular Selling Tags, note Sensormatic® tags are pre-owned)

DC58 kHz-MG1 (single pedestal system)

DC58 kHz-MG2 ( 2 -pedestals total)

DC-Slim Tag 3 ft (each side)
Micro-Pen Tag - 4.2 ft
Mid Size Pen Tag - 6 ft
Super-Pen Tag - 5 ft
Shell Tag - 4 ft
Alarming Ink Tag - 3.2 ft
Alarming Eyeglass Tag - 4 ft
*Sensormatic® Super Tag - 4 ft
*Sensormatic® Ultra Gator - 4 ft
*Sensormatic® DR Label - 3.5 ft
*Sensormatic® LE Label - 2.5 ft
*DC-Slim Tag - 6 ft (in between)
Micro-Pen Tag 7 ft
Mid-Size Pen Tag 9 ft
Super Pen Tag 7 ft
Shell Tag 6 ft
Alarming Ink Tag 5.5 ft
Alarming Eyeglass Tag 6 ft
Sensormatic® Super Tag 6 ft
*Sensormatic® Ultra Gator 6 ft
*Sensormatic® DR Label 6 ft
Sensormatic® LE Label 4.5 ft



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