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Intelliscan 18-Zone Walk-Through Security Detector  - The ideal Solution for Locating Illegal Contraband. Used by Schools, Courthouses, Airports, Prisons, Jails an numerous other facilities -Save on Top Quality Walk Through Security Detectors for all of your Security Detection Concerns



Boss - Standard B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanners. *A Safe Non-Intrusive Method of Detecting Objects Concealed in Body Cavities.(more info)


Big Boss -B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanners. *More Info


B.O.S.S. is a unique, fast, non-intrusive, inexpensive, high sensitivity detector designed to detect metal objects hidden in body cavities. It is commonly used in corrections facilities to scan inmates for weapons and contraband objects hidden in anal, vaginal, oral and nasal cavities. At some sites visitors are also screened.

B.O.S.S. has undergone extensive testing at US State and Federal Corrections facilities and has received considerable attention in both the electronic and print media.

Typical objects being targeted are razor blades, handcuff keys, paper clips, knives, shanks and tools. It also detects metal foils and objects such as detonator caps. Razor blades are of particular concern as they are difficult to detect in all orientations with walk-through devices. It has even been reported that prisoners are known to cut pouches in the insides of their cheeks to conceal razor blades.

Helps to Eliminate Stabbings and Slashing's
B.O.S.S. minimizes the need for unpleasant intrusive manual searches and increases the safety of officers and inmates. Because the measurement method is non-intrusive, it eliminates the liability and safety issues associated with manual searches. It also saves the time and expense involved in X-raying a person suspected of concealing contraband metal.

B.O.S.S. can be used to conduct a 100% inspection of inmates being inducted into a facility, for cell block inspections and searches of inmates being transported. Scanning inmates prior to transportation enhances security by insuring that they have no handcuff keys or paper clips that could aid an escape.

B.O.S.S. is a powerful deterrent as it helps to limit the number of weapons that enter and circulate throughout the inmate population. In a recent A&E Channel TV. documentary, officials from New York City's Rikers Island Jail reported that aggressive security measures, which include screening with the B.O.S.S., have cut inmate gang related violence by 90%. Prisoners caught with weapons are being prosecuted.

Fast, Safe, Efficient Screening
The screening procedure is safe, fast and efficient. The person being screened simply positions his / her chin near the oral sensor and then sits momentarily in the chair. The entire procedure takes just a few seconds. Magnetic field sensors housed in the seat of the chair and the oral sensor assembly automatically interrogate for the presence of metal. Audio and visual alarms are activated when metal is carried into the magnetic field. An alarm remains activated for the duration that an object is within the low intensity magnetic field.

A Unique Measurement Technique
The measurement method is unique in so much that it detects ferrous and non-ferrous objects that are either stationary or moving. Eddy current field detection sensors are installed within the chair assembly. The geometry of the chair and oral sensor configuration provides tight magnetic coupling between the sensor and a concealed metal object. Because of the excellent geometry and the combination of dynamic and non-motion detection techniques, small objects are more reliably detected than with a walk-through or hand held detector. In a recent article in the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center's 'TECH beat magazine" it was reported that B.O.S.S. detected contraband objects and shrapnel undetected by hand held scanning.

Prisons, jails and detention centers
Customs and Border Patrol facilities
Precious metal mines and refineries
Coin counting facilities
Jewelry and watch manufacturing
Computer component manufacturing

Power requirement: 110 / 240 VAC
Weight: 68 lb (31 kg)
Weight of Big B.O.S.S.: 86 lb (39 kg)
Dimensions: 53 x 32 x 30.5 inches
(1346 x 813 x 775 mm)
Shipping weight: 81 lb (37 kg)
Big B.O.S.S.: 99 lb (45 kg)
Shipping dimensions: 41.5 x 25 x 25 inches
(1054 x 635 x 635 mm)

Big Boss:

An expanded version of "BOSS" is the "Big-BOSS" which includes a foot and lower abdominal sensor. It can be used to scan people suspected of concealing valuable products or objects made of precious metal.


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