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Additional Features and specification of the Intelliscan 18-Zone Walk-through Security Detector

(1) An 18 zone display that identifies the relative location of all weapon or contraband size objects within the archway allowing security personnel to pinpoint the object's position and if it is located on the left, right or center of the person being screened, and at what height.

(2) Excellent discrimination, with low unwanted alarm rate that eliminates the need to empty pockets of normal amounts of keys, coins, etc.

(3) Eighteen distinct and separate detection zones arranged as six horizontal zones each with three vertical segments and independent sensitivity adjustments. Each of the six horizontal zones may have sensitivity independently adjusted.

(4) Fully adjustable floor sensitivity control that compensates for reinforcing metal in the floor and allows uniform detection through entire detector even when large amounts of metal are present.

(5) A computer based continuous Wave Multiple Sensor Measurement Method with self testing diagnostics and high stability Digital Signal Processing that analyses at a sampling rate of 33,000 scans a second.

(6) Transmitter and receiver sensor elements positioned on both sides of person being screened.

(7) Status display with red lamp for alarm condition, Green for ready and yellow for wait and a 12 segment bar graph display showing magnitude of detection signal.

(8) No photo-optic device that deactivates the detection circuitry and that allows weapons/objects to be passed, slid or tossed through the detector undetected. Detection circuitry that remains permanently active and cannot be switched or programmed to a non-continuously active state.

(9) Excellent immunity to electrical interference and will not false alarm due to X-ray screening equipment, Fluorescent lighting, computer monitors or other common sources of electrical interference.

(10) AC power inlet points on left, right and top of detector and operate on standard 110/220/240 VAC self regulating power supplies.

(11) Rugged, rigid mechanical wood construction for maximum stability. Scratch and mark resistant molded on tow part epoxy finish.

(12) Reliable detection over a wide range of weapons/object transit speeds. Consistent dynamic response allowing detection of slow moving objects to items being tossed or rapidly slid through detector.

(13) Thirty-six user selectable detection program settings, each with 99 sensitivity steps, for selectively targeting specific metals or alloys and allowing reliable detection of all commercially manufactured handguns with a single operating mode.

(14) Security on/off key lock and 6 user selectable pass-code.

(15) Low intensity magnetic field that is safe for wearers of hear pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic storage media. Tested and certified safe by US Medical School.

(16) Alarm relay with potential free contracts for activating external devices: i.e. security doors, cameras, etc.

(17) Sixteen operating frequencies that allow two or more detectors to be operated in parallel at a minimum spacing of 24 inches and without synchronization cables.

Fast automatic reset that allows a throughput of more than 50 people a minute.

(18) Optional single or dual-traffic counter. Dual counter gives true traffic count (increments in forward direction and decrements in reverse direction). Counters do not deactivate detection circuitry!

(19) Optional Wheel Chair accessibility (32" and up to 36 inches wide).

                    (20) Detector color option of Gray, Granite or Black Granite.



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